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30 day song challenge: Day 04/30, a song that reminds you of something sad.

I plead for relief, this town won’t receive all the things that I want, the things that I need. And I’ll beg and I’ll beg, I’m down on my knees. Mama, oh mama, let me please leave.

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I got to tell my hero, Alex Gaskarth, how he helped me continue living when I almost gave up 4 years ago. I got to tell him about how I gave a testimony at my youth group about how he helped me during that time. I got to tell him about all the times I wanted to relapse, and I would play “Therapy” to calm me down. He is my absolute hero. He means everything to me and so much more. I’m pretty sure I teared up. I love him so much. Finally, after all these years, I got to meet him.

Reblogging because it’s been exactly 3 months since the concert and whenever I felt the need to relapse, I would watch this. Alex Gaskarth suffers from anxiety too, and he hasn’t let it stop him from doing what he loves: touring the world, writing music, and helping people with his lyrics and actions. If he can overcome it, so can I.

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